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ReklamPlast is small creative team of people, specialized in making high-quality advertising products. The team is small enough that it can function very effectively, in same time is large enough to meet all your requirements.

Our core business is the production of commercial products, from which we are known in Croatia and the region over ten years. We produce and offer products of fiberglass, polyester, polystyrene, styradur, clay, metal and plastic. Facilitation projects in their own own production facility, and deliver functional as finished products. The production plant is a machine equipped to handle all the materials we use, including the paint shop for finalizing all products. We specialize in 2D and 3D promotional advertising products and sculptures.

We offer practical easily workable solutions respecting your requirements, which are both: original and economical.

2D and 3D commercials, 3D promotional products, light commercials, billboards, signs, and making all kinds of labels are an area of our activities. Also we can offer painting windows and vehicles. We provide services for the production and processing of metals in its own facility.

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Reklamplast Reference

  • Restaurants

  • "Adriatica Grill" Samobor

    Illuminated Advertising signs, Freestanding billboards, Signs

  • "Agava" Zagreb
    Advertising Chef ,
    Illuminated Advertising signs
  • "Citadela" Sesvete

    Advertising Chefs
  • "Mikina klet" Zagreb

    rAdvertising Chef
  • "Nikolina" Brela

    Advertising Chefs
  • "Piccolo" Dugo selo

    Advertising Chefs
  • "Pri zvoncu" Zagreb
    Advertising Chef
  • "San" Dugo selo

    Advertising Chefs
  • "Stara tkalča" Zagreb

    Advertising Chef
  • "Stara vura" Zagreb

    Advertising Chef
  • "Velopin" Mali Lošinj

    Advertising Chefs
  • "Zeleni papar" Samobor
    Freestanding billboard

  • Shops

  • Butik "Stil" Samobor

    Illuminated Advertising signs
  • Hotels

  • Hotel "Astoria" Zagreb
    Advertising Chefs and Freestanding billboards
  • Hotel "Samoborski slapovi"

    Advertising Chefs
  • "Hoteli Pag" Pag

    Advertising Chefs

  • Bars, food and drink

  • "Hooters" Zagreb

    Illuminated Advertising signs, Signs
  • "Grill Flok" Sv.Nedjelja

    Sign billboard with prices
  • Bistro "Europa" Zagreb

    Advertising Chefs
  • Zalogajnica "Vila Velebita" Zagreb

    Advertising Chefs
  • Gostionica "Oscar" Poreč

    Advertising Chefs
  • Pizzeria "SĐS" Jastrebarsko

    Advertising Chef , Ice Cream and Illuminated Advertising signs
  • "Pirate Cave"
    Limski kanal - Istra
    3D Pirates


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Grdanjci 4, HR-10432,
Bregana, Croatia, Europe